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9 Pieces of Documentation that Vindicate Trump’s Claim of 9/11 Muslim Celebrations

This list has been updated from 7 to 9. There is nothing yet that validates Donald Trump’s claim that on that terrible September morning “thousands and thousands” of American Muslims cheered the collapse of the World Trade Center. At worst, though, the Republican frontrunner is guilty of exaggerating. The DC Media, however, has been exposed (once again) as bald-faced liars who engaged in a 14 year cover-up. Contemporaneous reports and eyewitnesses prove once and for all that some number of Muslims did in fact celebrate the collapse of the Twin Towers. Trump was not only right on this point, but by pressing the matter he has forced the DC Media to uncover a truth they did not want to tell. Let’s lay it out: New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani As my colleague Joel Pollak pointed out, while interviewing Giuliani Tuesday morning, left-wing CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota was very unhappy when the mayor confirmed that there were indeed Muslim celebrations on 9/11. This wasn’t the way the interview was supposed to go: Camerota quizzed Giuliani, hoping he would say that Trump is “lying.” She was frustrated when Giuliani merely said that Trump had been “exaggerating,” and pointing out hitherto ignored examples of handfuls

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