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Another Thug Killed By Police — Protests Ensue

Another Example of Liberal Ignorance and Race-Baiting

Conservative friends and readers:

In breaking (and just oh-so-shocking) news, a police officer in St. Louis Count., was threatened by an 18-year-old black man (with a gun I may add) and shot and killed the suspect in self-defense.  Very shortly after the shooting protesters and the vultures that are now stoking racial tensions, descended upon the site inciting violent protests yet again over some thug threatening an officer and being killed in the process.

I still don’t know what’s wrong with the Liberal community.  Rampaging protests devoid of fact, stirred by race-baiters like Al Sharpton, and fueled by antagonists like Obama and de Blasio.  It’s so stupid it makes my head spin.  What does it take for a police officer to be justified in the use of lethal force?  Do they have to have been shot, beaten, and tied up before it becomes acceptable?

The Conservative Tribune reports:

The Berkeley Police officer involved had stopped at a Mobil station for a “routine business check” when he stepped out of his car and approached two individuals standing outside.

One of the individuals drew a gun and pointed it at the officer, who then drew his own firearm and fired several times, fatally wounding the suspect. The other individual fled the scene and police are still looking for them.

Berkeley police requested that the shooting be investigated by the St. Louis County Crimes Against Persons unit.

St. Louis County Police Sgt. Brian Schellman told the Post-Dispatch that a media briefing would be given Wednesday morning and that video footage from the gas station surveillance cameras would be released soon.

“You can see the gentleman raise a handgun and the officer fire a shot,” Schellman, who had seen the footage, told the Post-Dispatch.

The handgun was recovered at the scene, detectives said in a statement.

Yet again we see protesters imagining and spewing false narratives in order to incite protest, violence, and more destructive “dialogue”.  I just don’t get it.  You assault, point a gun at, or otherwise threaten a gun-toting officer with bodily harm and unknown injury and expect to just get a slap on the hand?  I don’t care what color that guy was.  HE POINTED A GUN AT AN OFFICER.  What was supposed to happen? Should the officer have given him his wallet? Maybe the opportunity to explain why a firearm was pointed at him?

Seriously folks, this is insane.  The racial divide seems to be being pushed further apart for some purpose I can’t pinpoint other than perhaps fame for the race-baiters and for Liberal political gain.   If they can somehow convince people the Conservatives are trying to keep them down and we all hate anyone that’s not an old white male (or that tired and completely false narrative) then they get more votes, more viewers, and thus, more money in the pockets of their buddies.

This trend of protesting gangsters, thugs, and criminals getting themselves in situations with the law that result in their ultimate, and unfortunate, deaths is sick. It’s disgusting and does nothing to help “dialogue”.  I don’t engage ignorant people, and I refuse to have a dialogue with people that use the Liberal Argument Method to have an open “dialogue”.

Maybe if thugs stopped threatening our officers and our communities, this problem wouldn’t be so pervasive?

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