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Author Breaks Down Exactly Why He Believes ‘Islamism’ Is the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Ideology’ in Under Five Minutes

Author Raymond Ibrahim says that Islamism is the “world’s most dangerous ideology,” explaining its similarities to past totalitarian systems like fascism and communism in a new video for Prager University.

Detailing his belief that fascism posed a global challenge in the first half of the 20th century and that communism dominated the second half of the century, Ibrahim said that radical Islam is the world’s most pressing contemporary problem.

“Islamism [is] a radical and often violent form of Islam,” he said, going on to draw specific parallels between radical Islam and the main threats that dominated the international scene throughout the 20th century. “Like fascism and communism, Islamism is totalitarian in nature. The state controls everything … Islamism is inherently expansionist.”

Ibrahim also said that many Islamists are “prepared to kill” those who disagree with their worldview, noting that they believe that Islamic law, known as Shariah law, should dominate as much of the world as possible.

“Islamism wants the entire world governed by Shariah,” he said, explaining that the U.S., Europe and Israel are seen as enemies by these extremists. “And anyone who opposes Islamist expansionism is the enemy and must be destroyed.”

Watch Ibrahim break down the “world’s most dangerous ideology” below:

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