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Breitbart’s Boyle On C-SPAN: Breitbart News Network ‘Getting More Information Out To More People’

Breitbart News Network’s Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal on Sunday morning to discuss this website’s explosive growth, the 2016 elections and goings on in Congress. The interview began with host Steve Scully asking Boyle about the recent Joshua Green profile of Breitbart and executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon on the cover of Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Boyle discussed Breitbart’s mission — which is to get more information to more people nationwide — and the latest on the campaign trail and in Congress in 2016. Boyle also took calls from Americans nationwide and discussed the Tea Party movement, Donald Trump, the House Speakership race and more. Watch the full interview: Follow Breitbart News on Twitter @BreitbartNews

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