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Canada’s ‘AmBadAssador’ Shows His Way of Dealing With a Protester at Ceremony Honoring British Soldiers

The man known as Canada’s “AmBadAssador,” Canadian Ambassador to Ireland Kevin Vickers, tackled a protester at an event honoring British soldiers in Dublin Thursday, according to CBC.

According to the CBC, Vickers, the former House of Commons sergeant-at-arms who thwarted a gunman’s attack on Parliament in 2014 by shooting him, was in attendance at the ceremony commemorating the British soldiers who died during the 1916 Easter Rising, “also called the Easter Rebellion, when Irish republicans tried to overthrow British control of the country by force.”

When the event was interrupted by a male protester wearing an Easter Rising T-shirt, who began to shout, “This is an insult!” Vickers immediately tackled the man and pulled him away from the ceremony. Police then arrested the protester.

Brian Murphy, Irish protester tackled by Kevin Vickers, says he holds no grudge

— CBC News (@CBCNews) May 27, 2016

The protester, Brian Murphy, 46, later told The Canadian Press that he holds no grudge against Vickers for the incident and “things are grand.”

“I was making a point, and I knew what the outcome would be — that I’d be taken away,” Murphy said.

Asked if Vickers would face disciplinary action over the incident, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he wasn’t aware of the details and would consider the matter “if it lands on my table.”

Canadian Ambassador to Ireland Kevin Vickers tackles protester at ceremony to honour British soldiers killed in 1916

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) May 26, 2016

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