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Dashcam Captures Moment Cop Is Hit by Minivan — What He Instinctually Does First Reveals His Character

Dash cam video out of Belarus, captured the moment a police officer used his own body to shield a teenager from being struck by a vehicle.

The officer, identified as Sergei Batalko, was crossing the street in Vitebsk on Wednesday. Another vehicle’s dash cam shows the two pass in front of it, before a minivan in the other lane veers into them. And what the officer does next is nothing short of heroic.

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Batalko is seen in the footage grabbing the boy and turning around, acting as a shield between the younger individual and the moving vehicle. The two were thrust onto the van’s hood as a result.

The boy was unharmed and the officer suffered a bruised leg but is expected to be fine, according to the Telegraph.

The driver of the van has been charged with a traffic offense, Global News reported.

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