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Death By Suicide: The Era of the Fact Checker Is Finally Over

For the last 25 years the DC Media has openly and shamelessly marveled at how well Democrats, especially the Clintons and Barack Obama, lie. On top of portraying this talent for lying as the kind of savvy competence America needs in a leader, the DC Media then waits for or manufactures “GOP overreach” to rescue the Clintons and Obama from said lies. “Overreach” doesn’t turn a lie into a truth. What it does, though, is give the DC Media the excuse it so desperately wants to change the subject and start attacking Republicans. On the other side of the coin, in order to go on offense against Republicans, this very same media invented the objective “fact-checker.” For two presidential election cycles I have watched in horror as these dishonest, partisan, left-wing fact-checkers have been used mercilessly by the DC Media to attack, undermine, and lie about various Republican candidates, especially those who pose the biggest threat to Democrats. Finally, after eight long years, the era of the Mainstream Media Fact-Checker is over. Best of all, the death of the fact-checker can be ruled a suicide. It is unfortunate it took this long for these fact-checking cretins to expose themselves as

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