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Even Dems Challenge Obama Agenda After SOTU

Obama Populist SOTU Obama Populist SOTU

Fox News is reporting on some “friendly-fire” from Dems after yesterday’s populist propaganda… er we mean… State of the Union address:

President Obama, for all the flak he took from Republicans over his combative State of the Union address, now is running into turbulence from members of his own party – who could prove an even bigger barrier to his agenda.

Democrats from across the political spectrum spent Wednesday taking aim at parts of the president’s platform. Though in the minority, they hold sway because Democratic defectors – particularly in the Senate – could make the difference in helping Republicans pass key legislation, and even override a presidential veto.

Already, a top-ranking Senate Democrat has renewed pressure on Obama to slow his diplomatic outreach to Cuba and to Iran. House and Senate Democrats also convened a press conference on Wednesday to blast his push for new free-trade deals. Meanwhile, Democrats are likely to play a big role in advancing a bill in the Senate approving the Keystone XL pipeline.

It seems that President Obama, despite his clear say one thing, do another approach to “diplomacy” is getting it from his own party.  And it’s about time folks.  Hopefully we’ll see the Dems start to fight back against the insanity that Barack H. Obama has brought to this country.

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