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Even in Italy, Christian Converts from Islam Live in Fear of Reprisals

Recent reports suggest that over a thousand converts to Christianity from Islam currently live in Italy, but hide their conversions for fear of retaliation from the Muslim community against themselves and their families. A 55-year-old Egyptian chemical engineer who now works a waiter in a city of central Italy, was a fervent Muslim who converted to Christianity in Italy after the death of his mother and was baptized three years ago. The man, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid retribution from Muslims, said that the decisive element in his conversion came from seeing Christians with “a humanity more complete than mine” and wanting to find what they had found. Still, he openly expresses his frustration with having to hide his newfound faith. “I cannot openly practice my Christian faith. I am afraid that some fanatical Muslim may do harm not only to me, but especially to relatives who remained in Egypt.” “How is it,” he asks, “that Italians who convert to Islam can go on TV and talk about it, and instead I have to hide to avoid retaliation?” The name Italians are using to refer to the believers who must conceal their religion as “ghost Christians.” In Islamic

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