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‘Future Member of the NRA’: Check Out Bristol Palin’s Photo of 7-Month-Old Daughter With Dad Dakota Meyer

Bristol Palin is teaching her daughter about guns at a young age.

Palin’s husband, Dakota Meyer, posted a photo to Instagram on Sunday showing the couple’s 7-month-old daughter Sailor Grace, clad in camouflage and jeans, behind an 1800s Gatling gun, sitting on top of a black-and-white POW flag.

“Look…she’s a natural! #sailorgrace #america #minigatlinggun #beingadadistheshit #startthemearly #sailorgracesupportsthe2ndamendnent,” the caption reads.

Palin later reposted the image to her Instagram account, along with the caption “Future member of the NRA!!”

Palin married Meyer, a Medal of Honor winner, in June after giving birth to Sailor Grace, her second child, in December.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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