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Hello fellow Dirty Conservative!  We’d love for you to share your thoughts with our readers!  We’re looking for conservative-based news, op-ed, and opinion articles.

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The Dirty Conservative is centered on quality op-ed articles that examine current events or provide reasonable opinion from a conservative point of view. We focus on educating the politically curious and providing them a place where they have a chance to interact with each other and learn more.

Read some of our articles, check out our headlines and you will get a good feel for what we are trying to achieve. We are a responsible, honest and professional group of people who are focused on bringing a “right” perspective to our great nation.

If you feel this fits you, please fill out the form below and we’ll review your content.  We will not tolerate, or publish, spiteful, vengeful, hateful, or otherwise derogatory articles. Please be respectful as this is the type of community we’re fostering here.

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