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Irritated Motorcyclist Points and Yells at Car Instead of Focusing on Road — and Pays the Price

In a clip posted to YouTube Tuesday, an occupant of a moving car took video of a motorcycle rider trailing the vehicle and then suddenly speeding up and pulling along it.

From the murmurs of those inside the car, it appears the motorcyclist and car occupants may have been in a confrontation just prior to the beginning of video.

The motorcyclist — presumably a man — came alongside the driver’s side window and told the car driver to “watch yourself, boy!”

But he should have taken his own advice.

The very next moment, the motorcyclist hit yellow poles in the road and was seen taking quite the end-over-end tumble — which the car occupants apparently found humorous.

Given the car driver’s position on the right side of the vehicle’s interior, as well as the occupants’ accents, it’s a safe bet the incident didn’t take place in the U.S. The date of the incident isn’t clear, either.

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Rough language at the very end):

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