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Larry Elder suggests Obama pays for his family’s slave history — and snowflakes lose their mind

Larry Elder on Sunday took to Twitter to suggest President Barack Obama uses the money from his book deal to pay African Americans reparation for their ancestors being slaves. Elder made the suggestion because Obama’s mom’s side were slave owners and his dad’s side were slave sellers.

Shouldn’t Obama, who descends from slave owners on mom’s side and slave sellers on dad’s, give blacks his book royalties as reparations?

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) August 20, 2017

After proposing the question on Twitter, liberals began to freak out. Apparently, the idea is outrageous and farfetched.

Why are you preaching the politics of hate so early on a Sunday Morning? You should donate 10% of your earnings to the #ObamaFoundation

— SueGoesThere (@suezzzi) August 20, 2017

Larry. I feel sad for you. When did you sell your soul.

— hsherm7 (@hsherman7) August 20, 2017

And, of course, because Elder doesn’t agree with the typical liberal agenda, he’s a “sellout.”

Ever notice that’s a “go-to” talking point for liberals?

Yeah cause serving the country for 8 years and advancing the lives of “Blacks” including you isn’t enough. You should try is sometime.

— Clarence Walker (@WalkerClarence) August 20, 2017

Apparently only liberals can “advance” the lives of Blacks, right?

Seriously can you tweet anything more stupid? Unbelievable.

— NastyPeaceofWork (@LetMESay3) August 20, 2017

As a father of biracial kids I find your comment extremely disturbing…

— Torrance McClellan (@TorranceMcClell) August 20, 2017

Please go away. You’re embarrassing yourself with the false equivalency and pro MAGA foolishness.

— vincent southerland (@vmsoutherland) August 20, 2017

Do YOU want to be responsible for paying reparations to everyone your ancestors have hurt? If not, don’t be a hypocrite.

— Loki Liesmith (@Lokirat13) August 20, 2017

You just wasted 140 characters Elders…

— Rommel Henry (@RomHenry) August 20, 2017

Now the question is: at what point is our family’s past forgiven? Five years? 10 years? 50, if ever?

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