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Liberals attempt to troll Sarah Huckabee Sanders — and they quickly receive a dose of reality

On Thursday, Chelsea Handler took to Twitter to ask her followers if White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be able to look her children in the eye and be proud of the work she’s done for President Donald Trump.

how is @SarahHuckabee ever going 2 be able 2 look her kids in the eye? She will never look back at this time & think, “yup. Killed it.”

— Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) August 25, 2017

The liberal response

Instead of focusing on Handler’s remark, liberals immediately began bashing Huckabee Sanders for her looks.

~Something tells me she’s already had that same argument with several cheeseburgers tonight.

— Tanya Steele (@Tanya_R_Steele) August 25, 2017

She can actually look both children in the eye. If one stands in front of her and the other off to the right. #lyingEyes #TrumpLies

— MAP (@StuckinLebanon) August 25, 2017

the angry look she gives her notes every minute seems like someone scrolled a note like “Taco Bell closes in 6 minutes” on there.

— Beagle (@SingleDaddio) August 25, 2017

Q: What does your mom do? A: She lies on camera so a bloated cheeto can destroy the country. Oh, my mom says you’re not invited anymore.

— Liz Maggiotto (@lmaggiotto) August 25, 2017

Well she can’t look at them with both eyes at the same time cuz of the strabismus her daddy never fixed for her

— Rustinius Maximus (@RustiniusMximus) August 25, 2017

— tw3mark (@tw3mark) August 25, 2017

Who’s going to sleep with her?

— David Horowitz (@davidh811) August 25, 2017

The conservative intervention

Conservatives, however, weren’t going to tolerate the nonsense.

Key word there: kids. Ever wonder what your kid would have thought of you if you had given it a chance to live?

— Collin Driscoll™ (@CJDrizzy22) August 25, 2017

And now all your followers make fun of her looks, weight etc but POTUS is a bully? Sit down and stop. It’s so embarrassing for you people.

— Linda Bozzella (@sunflwr734) August 25, 2017

How? Easy. First of all, she will not have ABORTED her children. Get it?

— Julie Anne 🌻 (@SeptemberJulie) August 26, 2017

She’ll be able to look her kids in the eye After all its not like she slaughtered them as they slept in comfort of their womb, i mean room.

— MATH0522 (@MATH_0522) August 26, 2017

Do you have children? You must not realize that going after someone’s precious child is low.

— Shannon Benjamin (@ShannonDBenji) August 25, 2017

I appreciate you @SarahHuckabee for not following the crowd the way @chelseahandler does, having a real education and real goals, #rolemodel

— Lauren Stodola (@LaurenStodola) August 26, 2017

Get real, liberals

For people who are supposed to be “tolerant” and “inclusive” that only seems to apply to fellow Democrats. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

I’m tired of being told my conservative beliefs go against everything America stands for. I’m tired of being told I’m transphobic, homophobic, Islamaphobic and every other kind of -phobic there is. We are allowed to have differing views that are shaped on our past experiences. I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is liberals preaching tolerances and a kumbaya attitude when they can’t even practice what they preach.

Put your money where your mouth is next time, snowflakes.

(H/T Chicks on the Right)

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