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LIVE UPDATES: Donald Trump Brings Campaign to 20,000 in Sold Out Texas Arena

Donald Trump prepares to speak to a sold-out arena and will be greeted by 20,000 in the American Airlines Center in Dallas Texas, home of the Mavericks and the Stars.   UPDATE 7:50 CDT: “Our military will be so strong,” he said, “so that we will never have to use it.” “The world is going to respect us again. And, we are going to take care of our vets,” he said. He explained that now, our vets are treated like third class citizens. “We are going to fight hard, negotiate well. We will get rid of the regulations that are destroying us.” “If I am elected president, you are going to be so proud of your country, again!” he stated. “You’re going to remember this evening and say that you were part of a movement to take back this country.” “We are going to make America great again!” Trump closed.  The crowd

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