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Man Admits Killing Shopkeeper Over ‘Disrespect’ of Islam

LONDON (AP) — A man has admitted to killing a fellow Muslim in Scotland because he felt he had disrespected Islam.

Shopkeeper Asad Shah was stabbed and beaten in March at his convenience store in Glasgow.

Asad Shah (Image source: Facebook)Asad Shah (Image source: Facebook)

Police said the slaying was “religiously prejudiced.” Shah was a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, a minority sect which differs from mainstream Islam in that it doesn’t regard Muhammad as the final prophet.

Suspect Tanveer Ahmed, from Bradford in northern England, pleaded guilty during a hearing at Glasgow’s High Court on Thursday.

Prosecutors said that when 32-year-old Ahmed was interviewed by police, he said his actions were motivated by Shah’s “disrespect (for) the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, Allah and faith.”

Ahmed will be sentenced Aug. 9. Judge Rita Rae said “this was a truly despicable crime.”

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