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Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Son Mugged Outside His Home

Today we bring you the story of a young man who leaves his home and is mugged by a pair of criminals, is assaulted and has his stuff stolen. What brings this to a point of discussion and worthiness of the Dirty Conservative is that the victim’s father is Rahm Emmanuel, the anti-gun, 1984-esque surveillance overlord… ahem, “Mayor”, of Chicago.

The teenage son of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was attacked and robbed outside his family’s home on the city’s North Side late Friday, according to police.

Police told that Zach Emanuel, 17, was walking outside the house shortly after 10 p.m. local time when he was grabbed by two men. Authorities say the men went through Zach’s pockets and grabbed his cell phone before taking off. As of Saturday night, they were still at large.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the teenager suffered a chipped tooth and a fat lip when he was punched in the face during the attack. According to a police report seen by the paper, one of the attackers asked Emanuel “What else you got?” after taking the phone. The muggers then made him enter his security code to unlock the phone before fleeing.

You can bet he wishes his kid had been armed now.  Fortunately the robbers were not armed and Zach looks like he’ll get over the minor injuries sustained.  The problem that arises is that crime in our cities is an issue which crosses all demographic boundaries and does not always involve guns. The two men were unarmed, leading to the classification of this particular crime as a strong-arm robbery.

What’s crazy is that this wasn’t some crime-ridden, back-alley.  This was right outside the Mayor’s house! Let’s be real here Mr. Emmanuel, your crackdown to make guns illegal simply took protections out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.  That’s why they’re criminals! They don’t follow the laws… What good are all the laws in the world if you can’t trust those pesky criminals to follow them!?

Hopefully ol’ Rahm will finally come around to the fact that people commit crimes. Not the guns, not the responsible owners, but people.  Maybe he’ll see the light… You know what they say:

A conservative is really a liberal that just got robbed.

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