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McDonald's Response to $15 Minimum Wage

Welcoming the new robot overlords...

So I just saw this way over the top article saying that Liberals are “outraged” over McDonalds putting out some automated ordering machines due to the “Fight for Fifteen” movement.  First, I’m not sure if the Liberals can comprehend what they’re doing to themselves because they seem to believe you should make $15/hr putting together a craptastic hamburger for someone else.  This train of thought is just not based in reality, so to assume a group that is perpetually “outraged” and dissatisfied with, well, pretty much anything they can piss and moan about, this whole theory is just nonsense.

First things first: The Liberals pretty much asked for this one.   Let’s look at this from a business standpoint: You make dumb demands, we’ll replace you with something that’s more effective, more accurate, less expensive, and for the love of god, that doesn’t bitch all the time about how unfair it is that they feel like they’re not getting paid enough to do menial work.  That’s why it’s not a desirable job!  YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO STRIVE TO DO BETTER FFS! I don’t want to reward you for settling for a crap job and let me tell you… nobody else does either!

Second, this is not a new technology.  A little history lesson about this Dirty Conservative: I spent my first year in college at American University in 2004.  Guess what!? My favorite place to eat was that McDonalds that had the easy to order machine so I didn’t have to have some half-literate kid screwing up my order! It was epic and I feasted heartily and often on machine ordered meals.  Never got one wrong either.  Best damn time of my life right there.  This is by no means NEW technology, so if people are “outraged” it’s because they’re uninformed and/or out of touch.

All of this said… There’s a reason we don’t pay $15/hr to people that do work that doesn’t have $15/hr worth of economic value.  It’s unsustainable business.  It drives up prices… Because guess what? Business exist for one thing: To make money. Holy guacamole batman… It’s a revelation.   You take from their bottom line, they have to do something.  Where can they easily get their margin back? That’s right kids… Prices of goods.  So take your $15/hr garbage, and take it to someone else who cares.  Because you know what? I work hard too. So do my colleagues. So do lots and lots of people who worked damn hard to get where they are making that $15+/hr.

So knock it off “Fight for Fifteen”… You’re really just bringing on the robot revolution and I, for one, welcome my robot brethren because I can’t stand you people complaining anymore.

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