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Military Getting an Unbelievable One (1) Percent Pay Raise

The unbelievable way we treat our guardians...

According to a Pentagon announcement released Monday, most soldiers will be getting a whopping One (1) percent pay bump for all their hard work. As an exception for General and flag officers, well, they’ll get no base pay bump next year.  Some further changes to other forms of military compensation were also meager, nonexistent or — in a few cases — far less.

As The Blaze is reporting:

Housing allowances will go up roughly $17 per month, or o.5 percent, while food allowances will increase 2.9 percent to $367.92 per month for enlisted members and $253.38 per month for officers, the Pentagon’s announcement said.

The Defense Department is eliminating its renter’s insurance offering, the announcement noted, and most troops will take a hit when it comes to contiguous United States cost of living allowance rates: Roughly 12,000 service members will see their CONUS COLA payments drop next year, around 7,000 will have an increase or no change and 4,000 won’t get a CONUS COLA payment at all.

That’s pretty rough announcement for many of our troops.  Granted, they didn’t necessarily join the armed forces to ‘make it rain’; however, they do sacrifice day-in and day-out for us and the very LEAST we could do is give them a reasonable cost of living adjustment. This said, we’re all clearly aware how much our great Commander-in-Chief seems to hate our armed forces and, well, really (I believe) America as a whole.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but this Dirty Conservative keeps his hopes up that one day we’ll figure out just how to care for our soldiers and those who sacrifice for this country.


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