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Netflix’s year-end report reveals some insane streaming habits by users

Netflix released its year-end report Monday, and it revealed some…concerning streaming habits by users.

The most unbelievable tidbit to come out of the report is that one user streamed “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” every day for a year.

365 days in a row.

For comparison, the average Netflix member watched approximately 60 movies over the past year.

A user in the United Kingdom had a similar streak of insane movie watching, having streamed “Bee Movie” 357 times in 2017.

It’s unclear whether people are doing that on purpose to troll Netflix for digging into users’ personal viewing habits (which some on Twitter found unsettling), or whether people are actually watching the same movie more than 300 times per year.

The streaming service poked fun at a group of users who have been watching a Netflix Original Christmas every day for nearly three weeks now:

To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?

— Netflix US (@netflix) December 11, 2017

Which users found funny and invasive at the same time:


I liked this tweet because it’s good to be reminded that huge unaccountable companies use our personal data to dunk on us both literally and figuratively.

— Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) December 11, 2017

1. sick burn. 2. this is creepy AF.

— tierney bricker (@tbrick2) December 11, 2017

Some other interesting revelations:

  • Someone is watching Netflix in Antartica, and their show of choice is “Shameless.”
  • Mexico had the most members who logged in to stream content on Netflix every single day.
  • Overall, Netflix members watched more than 140 million hours per day, with the most popular day being Jan. 1.

The full report can be viewed here, which includes rankings for some of the most popular Netflix Original shows.

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