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New York Times runs two full print pages of everything Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter

One of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s main talking points is that the media is rigged against him — and at times, he may have a point.

The New York Times on Monday filled two pages of their print edition with “all the people, places and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter since declaring his candidacy for president.”

Wow—Today’s @nytimes features a 2-page spread of all the people, places & things Trump has insulted on Twitter since declaring his candidacy

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 24, 2016

The Times has been keeping track of all of Trump’s insults in a list online, but this is the first time they have published the comprehensive list in their print edition.

Though the intent of publishing the list isn’t exactly clear, it does play into Trump’s rhetoric about the media — namely that they are “rigging” the election against him and in favor of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton

The Times, for their part, endorsed Clinton late last month.

It’s not clear if the Times plans to print a piece similar to this on Clinton in order to balance out their coverage. TheBlaze has reached out to the Times for comment but did not imimatedlty receive a response.

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