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NLRB Rules Give Unions Access to Workers’ Private Information

Legal theft of information gift-wrapped for Unions

Well my conservative friends… I’m not sure you’ll be terribly shocked, but the Obama administration has done it again.  The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is going to be allowing Unions to access the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of non-union workers. Merry Christmas liberals…

Fox News reports:

The NLRB earlier this month issued new rules for how and when union organizing elections can take place within workplaces. Under the new rules, unions will have access to employees’ private information as they make their sales pitch, and employers will have less time to respond to workers’ demands before a unionization election can take place.

This is another absurd and unbelievable abuse of the regulatory system to get the Unions to back the Democrats again in 2016.  In addition to trying to give these thugs and mobsters more undeserved and disproportionate power to steal money from the people for their own political purposes, this is just wrong.  Unions had their place in time and, in fact, served their constituencies well. Now what we have is over-paid and low-performing workers, teachers who can’t be fired, and large PACs that are able to steal money from non-union members to push their political agendas.

NRLB chairman Mark Pearce defended these ridiculous rules, saying:”Simplifying and streamlining the process will result in improvements for all parties.” Additionally, in some more liberal nonsense, he states that “With these changes, the Board strives to ensure that its representation process remains a model of fairness and efficiency for all.”

Now, I don’t know about you folks, but this is a brazen example of Government that is far too big and politically motivated.  It’s a great example of liberals pushing their ideas on people without Democratic process.  It’s a great show, of just how far liberals will go to force their will. It’s a great example of an epic waste of tax dollars to fund a sham organization like the NLRB.

The question, folks, is when is enough enough? When will the liberals have enough? The answer to that is never. It never has been, and never will be, enough. This, my friends, is liberal theft at it’s worst.

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