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Not fake news: Chip and Joanna Gaines announce final season of ‘Fixer Upper’

Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” announced Tuesday that the upcoming fifth season of their show will be their last.

The show featured home renovations done by the couple, who are the parents of four young children, in Waco, Texas. Over the last several months, the couple has been plagued by a series of fake news articles claiming that Joanna was leaving the show to sell skincare products.

What a ride…BUT #season5IScoming #onelasthoorah [Watch the full video here:]

— Chip Gaines (@chippergaines) September 26, 2017

In a video posted on their website, the couple called the show “the opportunity of a lifetime” and its close a “bittersweet” moment.

“While we are confident that this is the right choice for us, it has for sure not been an easy one to come to terms with,” the couple said in a post on their website. “Our family has grown up alongside yours, and we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen.”

Why are they ending the show?

Reports that Joanna is leaving the show to sell facial cream are still fake, the couple said. They told fans they want to refocus their priorities on their family and their business.

“We have poured our blood, sweat and tears into this show,” they wrote. “We would be foolish to think we can go and go and fire on all cylinders and never stop to pause. Our family is healthy and our marriage has honestly never been stronger. This has nothing to do with a fraudulent skincare line or anything else you’ll inevitably read. This is just us recognizing that we need to catch our breath for a moment. Our plan is to take this time to shore up and strengthen the spots that are weak, rest the places that are tired and give lots of love and attention to both our family and our businesses.”

What’s next?

The couple — Chip, 42, and Joanna, 39 — said that while they don’t know “what the future holds,” they assured fans that they are “excited for whatever is around the bend” and that “we will definitely be staying in touch.”

They thanked HGTV, their production company, Highnoon Entertainment, “and our amazing producers and crew on the ground here in Waco.”

“We are grateful for them and for you,” they said. “Thank you for sharing life with us and for the continued support. Thank you for having our backs! Thank you for caring about these homes and these families and the things that we care so much about.”

Fans expressed sadness about the end of the show:

Hold on to your shiplap: #FixerUpper is ending

— Chris Harnick (@chrisharnick) September 26, 2017

Dear Chip and Joanna,

Thanks for being the best people ever. I will miss #FixerUpper dearly.

Love, Stefanie

— Stefanie Waldek (@StefanieWaldek) September 26, 2017

I mean, I get it, Chip & Jo have been going full speed for 5 years, but I am still NOT OKAY with #fixerupper ending!

— Jess (@JessNB15) September 26, 2017

So, I guess “Fixer Upper” is done after this season and now my Saturday mornings are garbage. #fixerupper #DemoDay

— Heath Hotzler (@Hotzler) September 26, 2017

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