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Obama to Call for Extra Paid Leave and Time Off for Federal Workers

Anyone For Another Free Handout?

Obama Theft By Edict Obama Theft By Edict

Well, the gravy train just keeps coming courtesy of your tax dollars and the welfare nation Obama and the liberals are trying so hard to create.  The Blaze is reporting on another effort to give government sponsored hand-outs.

President Barack Obama will announce plans to force private companies to give seven days of paid leave to employees and take executive action to give federal employees six more paid time off.

Obama will propose a law to Congress for paid leave, and include in his fiscal year budget $2.2 billion to establish paid leave programs by state and local governments.

On Thursday, Obama will call on Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act, to allow employees to earn up to seven days a year of paid sick time. He will also promote similar actions from state and local governments, if Congress does not act. Obama will also outline a plan to establish paid leave programs by providing $1 million in existing funding through the Department of Labor to help states and local governments implement policies.“We are the only developed country in the world that doesn’t have paid leave,” White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told reporters on a conference call Wednesday evening. “If we want to be globally competitive, we have to figure this out.”

He’s got to be kidding.  The free market can solve these problems.  Yes, it’s not an overnight solution, but forcing companies to provide benefits.  What the hell do liberals think a benefit is?  It falls under that “perk” category that implies the employer isn’t required to give it, but do so in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

This is more complete insanity from the government.  Mandatory healthcare, mandatory paid time off, mandatory taxes on private enterprise where these liberal thieves have no place sticking their noses.  Since when is it the government’s role to force companies to provide extra benefits? It just never ends for the liberals and the Democrats does it?  How much more can they take?

The clear story here is another clear overreach by government. This is another handout to an entitled (or at least they feel that way) constituency.  This is another handout that liberals expect to steal (because wouldn’t you know it, paid leave costs money for businesses) from those who work hard and provide jobs and security to Americans.  I’m so damn tired of these liberals taking money from hardworking people to hand it out to those just because they’re never satisfied with what they have already.


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