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Obama: The New Man in the Question Mark Suit?

Matthew Lesko Matthew Lesko

Alright… I damn near died when I read this today.  This is pretty much how liberals see the government.  One big hand out after another.  This isn’t a new concept, but the Rat Nation hit it head on when they realized just who Obama behaves like!

Everyone remembers Matt Lesko. The guy with the crazy question mark suit teaching folks how to bilk the government out of taxpayer funds?

Yeah, the guy’s name was Matthew Lesko. He did those silly infomercials, shamelessly shilling for his books about how easy it was to get free money from the government. Randomly, I realized this morning: “Geez, I haven’t seen Lesko on TV for years.” Then it dawned on me: he lost his job to this guy, six years ago:

obama cash







Silly me.

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