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ObamaCare Tax Looms as IRS Comes Knocking

More Liberal Theft of Your Right To Choose

ObamaCare Taxation

Well folks, here comes the tax man to make sure you’re conforming.  The coming year in 2015, the IRS will commence further invading your right to privacy and choice by ensuring you pay up one way or another for the new order of socialist healthcare.   You’ll now have to report whether or not you had health insurance last year, and if not, prepare to pay the piper.

Those who choose not to buy into insurance face a hefty increase if they don’t get covered. The fine will sharply jump in 2015 to $325 or 2 percent of income, whichever is higher. Based on government figures, by 2016, the average fine will be about $1,100.  It’s amazing how Obama said this wasn’t a tax isn’t it? That’s alright though, the Supreme Court helped Obama with the truth a bit. In a decision that allowed Obama’s law to move forward, the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that the coverage requirement and its accompanying fines were a constitutionally valid exercise of Congress’ authority to tax.  Additionally Mr. Obama, if it’s not a tax, why is the IRS collecting it?  Really, I think this is just another despicable example of unconstitutionally regulating the American people.

This individual mandate in the form of an insurance requirement and penalties remain the most unpopular portion of the health care law. This was intended to coerce healthy people into the insurance pool, hoping to keep premiums affordable.

Folks, this may sound harsh, but factually, this is tantamount to going to a casino and saying: You have to take bets that are stacked against the house.  For those who don’t understand, insurance operates like a casino where the odds are in their favor and every day, they’re betting they’ll pay out a certain amount.  Because they have statistics.  Sure Mr. Obama, let’s throw a monkey wrench into that whole idea and make insurance take bad bets.   The only thing that could happen here is premiums keep going up and up and up and the government will only take more and more and more.  Because, that’s right, it’s never enough for the liberals.

This is what you can expect when left-wing nuts like Nancy Pelosi don’t do their jobs and pass bills without reading them.  This is what happens when a liberal congress did not do it’s due diligence and lied to the American people to pass this bill and used obscure methods to push this train wreck through.

I’m one to be certain that levy of these fines in 2015 will renew, and spark others to start, criticism of the law, right when Republicans are taking control of Congress and looking at ways to get rid of this cancerous bill.   But just for those who should know, February 15 is the last day of open enrollment under ObamaCare. After that, only people with special circumstances and waivers can sign up.  It’s going to be a tax disaster come April 15th, 2015 but the tax man cometh to steal from you yet again.


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