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‘Political Hogwash’: Morgan Freeman Dismisses Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Trustworthiness

Actor Morgan Freeman, who is supporting Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and is narrating a new ad for her, totally dismissed questions about the former secretary of state’s trustworthiness Friday.

When asked by CNN anchor Don Lemon if Clinton has a trust issue, Freeman said, “Not with me, she doesn’t.”

According to the actor, Clinton’s trust problems are just a result of false information being spread about her.

@donlemon: Do you think @HillaryClinton has a trust issue?
-Morgan Freeman: Not with me she doesn’t

— CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) February 20, 2016

“All you need in some cases for people is to say it, just put it out there, and it gets legs,” Freeman said. “The Clintons have been being beat down ever since way back, so she is just going along with that legacy she’s inherited.”

Freeman said Clinton has been in politics for a”long time” and any claims that she is untrustworthy are totally fabricated.

“I think this is just made up stuff. It’s just, you know, political hogwash,” he said.

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