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Reuters was forced to delete this Antifa tweet after social media backlash

Reuters news service was so excoriated on social media Wednesday over a sanitized description of anti-Trump protesters that they had to delete the offending tweet over it.

Critics of the news service posted screenshots of the deleted tweet.

The internet is forever.

— (((Ken Brown))) (@K_P_Brown) August 23, 2017

The photo depicted the violent protests outside President Trump’s rally in Phoenix. Police reported that they were hit with bottles and other projectiles. Eventually they began launching tear gas canisters to help disperse the violent crowd.

But when Reuters entitled their photo about the event, they described them as “peaceful protesters.”

They were immediately taken to task on social media over it.

Today’s lesson in propaganda. SMH.

— David Martosko (@dmartosko) August 23, 2017

“Peace activists”? Really? And #MSM wonders WHY we keep cheering for @POTUS‘ use of #FakeNews! MSM=bubble dwelling idiots

— TiredMSMwhining (@Chrocadas4) August 23, 2017

OMG, y’all – Reuters found the MIA non-libertarian peace activists!

Did they happen to mention where tf they’ve been the last 8yrs?

— ✌NotLeebuddie🤘 (@lizbuddie) August 23, 2017

You mean those peaceful activists who were throwing rocks and bottles at the police…. Geeze wake up already.

— PKatt (@Pkatt) August 23, 2017

Peaceful activists are you kidding me. Let you in on a secret we are not stupid we have eyes any many ways to get facts your irrelevant now.

— Joni Mandel (@JajsaArthur) August 23, 2017

Reuters calls ANTIFA, “Peace Activists” Their staff must have looked directly at the eclipse and burned their brains somehow #AntifaMedia

— Eleni (@bella438) August 23, 2017

Eventually, the public outcry forced them to delete the tweet.

CORRECTION: We have changed the caption of this photo, which inaccurately characterized the anti-Trump protesters as ‘peace activists’

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) August 23, 2017

“CORRECTION: We have changed the caption of this photo,” they posted, “which inaccurately characterized the anti-Trump protesters as ‘peace activists.’”

On Tuesday, President Trump held a campaign-style rally in Phoenix. Thousands of people with varying perspectives took to the streets. Hear what protest groups like antifa and staunch Trump supporters like Bikers for Trump have to say about the current administration.

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