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Rubio: I Didn’t Say Crane Wasn’t An Officer, I Said He Wasn’t Advocating For ICE, Breitbart ‘Absolutely’ Not Credible

Republican presidential candidate Florida Senator Marco said that he didn’t say Chris Crane “wasn’t an ICE officer. I said he was not an ICE official. He was not advocating on behalf of ICE” and that he “worked with the agency. We worked with him. He gave us a list of recommendations, many of which I fought for” while stating that it’s “absolutely true” Breitbart News is “not a credible source” on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel. Rubio was asked, [relevant exchange begins around 4:50] “I just want to talk about one thing you said to Neil Cavuto about this ICE official Chris Crane, who was the head of this union. You said he wasn’t an ICE  officer, he was a head of union, but he actually was an ICE officer who had critical things to say about you.” Anchor Bret Baier then read from the response to Rubio’s comments by former President of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Palinkas where Palinkas said, “Chris Crane is an ICE officer, first. That’s his job. There’s no distinction… We are not a separate entity as union officials—we are employees of the federal government… That’s a negotiated item so that we can

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