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Senator Barbara Boxer to Retire in 2016

Senator Barbara Boxer Senator Barbara Boxer

Conservatives nationwide rejoice! We now have yet  another reason to look forward to the next national election cycle and for this Dirty Conservative, the 2016 election just can not come soon enough. I have to say that really Obama showing himself to the door is kind of #1 on my best things ever list, but this sure does add the whipped cream to my mocha.

That’s right my friends, the she-devil herself, Senator Barbara Boxer D-Ca., has announced she’s done.  Thank you sweet Lord.  The same lady who headed the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, and claimed that they never received a complaint about Sen. Harry Reid despite having sent a confirmation receipt.  The same liar who tried to railroad Hobby Lobby.  The same one who’s given California those big bumps in regulatory pain.

Check out her announcement to leave in this ridiculous video:

From, what I can only guess is, the most terribly scripted and high-school play-esque video she put out there (see above if you skipped it) it looks like she’s ripped off a “A Few Good Men,” since she appears to have adapted her best lines from it. Granted, while the great news is she’s finally leaving, there were a few not-so-positive points to be made.

In the video, Boxer promised to make sure that her successor was a Democrat, and while that’s hardly a stretch given she represents California in the Senate, she may find this prospect a bit more challenging after eight years of the people getting bamboozled by President Barack Obama.  Personally I see ol’ Condoleeza Rice being a pretty strong candidate for this one, but that remains to be seen.

Additionally, she claims that neither her age (74) or the great hyper-partisanship she’s helped stoke with Harry Reid and pals over the last few years had anything to do with it.   She also vowed to keep on “working on the issues that matter most to her” through her political action committee PAC for a Change.

This is all well and good, except that nobody cares. And really nobody cares about her reasons for leaving more than this guy. We just want that harpy out and hopefully her successor will be a welcome breath of fresh air for Californians.

Good riddance Senator, we’ll be better off when you’re out.

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