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Sexual assault survivors ‘retraumatized by Trump comments’ can get counseling, college official says

In the wake of leaked audio featuring Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women, the vice provost of George Washington University tweeted that sexual assault survivors at the school “retraumatized” by Trump’s comments can utilize GWU’s counseling services.

Peter Konwerski, also the dean of student affairs at the Washington, D.C., school, posted the tweet late Friday night, just hours after news broke about Trump’s leaked audio:

#GWU sexual assault survivors retraumatized by #Trump comments can connect with @GWHealthCenter 24×7 or @GW_Haven.

— Peter Konwerski (@GWPeterK) October 8, 2016

He also noted GW Haven as contact option — a “safe space” at the school offering support and resources “related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating or domestic violence and stalking.”

Konwerski had a bit more to say about Trump after his Friday tweet:

Demeaning comments about women & boasts about sexual assault make it impossible to support his candidacy. #ItsOnUs

— Peter Konwerski (@GWPeterK) October 8, 2016

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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