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South Carolina Woman Makes Sure to Grab ‘Two Totino’s Pizzas’ Before Evacuating Dangerous Flood Waters

A South Carolinian described the harrowing moments she and her neighbors escaped rapidly rising flood waters in Columbia and said she made sure to grab what was important on the way out — two Totino’s pizzas and her dog.

“I didn’t grab nothing but two Totino’s pizzas out of the [refrigerator] and my doggy, and we left. That’s it. I tried to grab some other things, but they wasn’t even worth it,” the woman told a reporter for WIS-TV in Columbia, South Carolina.

The woman said she’s experienced flooding in that area in the past during rainfalls and thought they had approximately 30 minutes to an hour to evacuate before the floodwaters would overtake those in the neighborhood. Instead, she said they only had around 10 minutes before the water was rising in their apartment.

“It gushed in like the ocean was coming in the house,” the woman described. “The ocean came in, we grabbed our dog and what we could get, and we got in our truck, truck stalled, so I had to walk to the water up here to get us to safety here up here at my friend’s house.”

The report was rebroadcasted on The Weather Channel, and the woman was unidentified in the clip.

“Child, we have to go. I told my wife, ‘we have to go,’” she recalled thinking as the water came rushing into their residence.

The Weather Channel reported that hundreds of South Carolinians have needed to be rescued throughout the flooding in the Palmetto State and four people have died thus far.

During an earlier report Sunday, WIS-TV lost contact with a firefighter who was conducing a water rescue. That firefighter was later found clinging to a tree.

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