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Texas Grand Jury Declines to Indict Sheriff or His Staff in Sandra Bland Case

HOUSTON, Texas – A special prosecutor in the Sandra Bland case, and the head of a commission that has looked into the procedures in Waller County, Texas, has confirmed that a grand jury has declined to indict the Waller County Sheriff or his staff. Special prosecutor, Houston lawyer, Darrell W. Jordan, Jr., spoke with Breitbart Texas and said the grand jury did exactly what he thought they would do. The Houston-area lawyer pointed to the federal wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Bland family and said even the family is not alleging there was a homicide. The special prosecutor added, “The grand jury found no evidence of homicide.” He explained that the federal lawsuit filed by the Bland family alleges that the county and their employees were negligent in their evaluation of Bland when at the jail; it does not assert there was a homicide. Jordan concluded, “The main thing is the case is not over and we will return in January to consider the remaining issues.” He added, “But there is no dispute as to the sheriff and the sheriff’s employees.” Breitbart Texas reported in August that Sandra Bland’s mother filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of

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