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'The Interview' Will Be Shown in Theaters on Christmas

Suck on that Kim Jong Un.

In a fantastic reversal on previous statements, Sony will be releasing, albeit in a limited fashion, ‘The Interview’! In light of the recent Sony hacks by the so-called “Guardians of Peace” and threats of violence against those who would show ‘The Interview’, Sony had previously canceled the release due to venues being unwilling to show this film out of fear.

Folks, I, along with many others, was sorely dismayed at the original decision of Sony not to release this film. Not because I care about some terrible Seth Rogen movie, but because it’s completely ludicrous that any American would give into some terrorist demands. That’s what this is. The Sony hack wasn’t a silly kid game. This was an act of terrorism involving untold damage to thousands of lives, theft of unknown dollar values, and threats of terrorist attacks on our soil. The ONLY thing to do now is release it and hold those responsible to the fire.

We’re America. We’re the greatest nation in the world and the only response we can give is widespread viewing of this film, make it rain DVDs on North Korea, and cripple the infrastructure that enabled them to carry out this attack. We need to to show a tour de force here and make it known: Don’t F**CK with America.

Good on you Sony for finally starting to do the right thing. Here’s one Dirty Conservative hoping they’ll stick to it and give the terrorist the ol’ middle finger. Should air December 25! Check out the trailer below and still go see it… for America.

Hello! I am the Dirty Conservative. I’m here share my thoughts, discuss with others, report on recent happenings, and really promote Conservative ideas. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing what you have to say!

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