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The Liberal Argument Methodology

How to win an argument with a Liberal

Liberal Argument Just Play Race Card The Liberal Argument: Just Play The Race Card

Alright folks… Here it is.  Granted this is my perception, my take, my experience, but it is something that just drives me completely insane.  The Liberal method to argument and how they convince themselves they’re right is up for a little fun today.

To boil this down to the core, their delusional processes when arguing look like this:

  1. They’re NEVER wrong. Not ever.
  2. They ALWAYS have the moral high ground.
  3. If you even HINT at disagreeing with them, you must be demonized!
  4. No matter the compromise you’re willing to give, it will never be enough.
  5. When in doubt… you’re probably a RACIST.

It’s completely bananas.  It’s absolutely infuriating to argue with a liberal. Let’s start with a great statement from an article title Don’t Argue With Liberals – It Only Encourages Them:

“What you are not going to get is an argument. An argument is a collected series of statements designed to establish a definite proposition. Arguments involve the presentation of facts and evidence from which one draws a conclusion. Implied within the concept of an argument is the potential that one might change his conclusion. But liberals start with the conclusion.”

Man… I could not have said it better myself.  There is this common theme when arguing with a liberal of them twisting, mis-using, and re-interpreting of basic facts they use to fit their pre-determined conclusion. Doesn’t matter if there’s a glaring fact or mountain of facts. They’re not liberal facts, and thus… you’re wrong.

So, this said, let’s look at some tips and solid methods, so as to not go off the deep end when you encounter these people:

  1. Take it head on. That’s right my conservative friends, face that argument head on.  Stick to the facts and the truth and you’ll have the high ground.
  2. Frame the Liberal. Liberals and so-called “progressives” frequently step out of the “realm of civility,” relying on personal attacks in an attempt to discredit their opponent and leave them in a vulnerable state. See point #2 in the core principles of the Liberal.  This is that pretense of moral high-ground.  Bring them back to reality, be the bigger individual, and guide them back to this “realm of civility”.
  3. Call out inconsistencies.  Don’t be afraid to force the question when encountering clear and obvious inconsistencies in a Liberal’s arguments. If your opponent utilizes logical fallacies, do not be afraid to call them out on it.  You can’t have an honest argument based on logical faults.
  4. Don’t let hand-waving and misdirection distract you. When asked a hard or difficult question, liberals will often and frequently ignore it and move onto another unrelated or separate topic. Do not allow the discussion to be misdirected.  Liberals will also try to argue against their perception of the conservative ideology, not with you as an individual. Not all conservatives believe exactly what you believe, and make sure that they know where you personally stand on an issue and be clear to state it.
  5. Be Honest. If you’re not knowledgeable on a topic, freely admit it.  This is a common trap and not worth your time and leads your opponent to a false sense of victory.  Do not debate topics you aren’t educated on; however, you don’t have to accept their conclusion either.  Rather, go back, research the topic, and re-engage the liberal at a later time.

Look, the long and short of it is this: There’s a solid method and approach to winning an argument with a liberal, but the short story is this: Play it smart.

Yours Truly,
The Dirty Conservative

Hello! I am the Dirty Conservative. I’m here share my thoughts, discuss with others, report on recent happenings, and really promote Conservative ideas. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing what you have to say!

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