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The Unconstitutional Regulation of America

Taxation, Theft, and Extortion by Illegal Means

Hello again my conservative friends!  Now that I’ve got one foot under me after Christmas, I think it may be time to tackle some heavier and more interesting and in-depth subjects.  Today, I think it’s time to let my fiscal conservative and dirty libertarian side shine.  I’d like to share my thoughts on something I mega-loathe…

The unconstitutional and vile method of regulation by administrative agencies to impose fines, levies, and taxes on Americans.

For the purposes of this argument, I’ll keep this super simple and use the following assumptions:

  1. The definition ‘constitutional’ as: being in accordance with, or authorized by the United States Constitution.
  2. The definition ‘unconstitutional’ as, not being in accordance with nor authorized by the United States Constitution.

Super easy right? Ok, we all know this is presented as “no simple task”, but here’s the rub: We are to the point where government sees no practical limits on its actions.  The standard use of regulation to impose un-legislated will at the whims of the EPA, FDA, IRS, NLRB, and other similar agencies and bureaus has led to a systemic, and frankly quite alarming, problem of the federal government routinely violating constitutionally-protected rights of both its citizens and of the states making up the union.

Examining The Facts

  1. Does the Constitution empower the Supreme Court to judge the constitutionality of federal laws and regulations, and uphold or strike them down as the court sees fit?

    Unequivocally and emphatically, the answer to this is: No. The powers of the U.S. Supreme Court are listed in Article III, Section 2. There is no authority granted for, nor any mention of, judging the constitutionality of laws and regulations in Article III, Section 2.

  2. Does the Constitution prohibit or bar the states from determining the constitutionality of federal laws and regulations, and uphold or strike them down as they see fit?

    No, the Constitution does not prohibit the states from exercising this power. In fact, and this is quite contrary to common belief, nowhere in the constitution is the judging of laws to be constitutional or not addressed.

  3. What does the Constitution have to say about the powers not delegated to the United States federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States?

    I refer you now to Amendment X which states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The gross and overused practice of bringing every matter of constitutionality to the Federal Supreme Court is indeed a flagrant f**k-you to the founders. This practice must stop.

Examining The Damage

The list here would make this article insanely long, but I’d like to provide a list of articles here that may shed some light on the  untold damage (complete with witch hunts and liberal fueled hatred funded with taxpayer dollars) by overzealous and unconstitutional regulatory agencies.

This list goes on and on and on.  From stories of simple folks just trying to make a living, to whole industries being destroyed by edicts from on-high from the power-hungry, un-elected, and so-called “officials” that do whatever they please so long as it fits their masters (whomever appointed them at the time) whims and agendas.  It is, quite simply, offensive.

How many untold dollars have been spent or stolen in the name of these agencies? I know it’s in the many billions of dollars.  With such minimal oversight and the ability to levy massive fines with circumstantial (at best) evidence in most cases, these unconstitutional agencies really must be stopped.  We cannot afford a government where the bureaucracy is not accountable to the people.

Taxation Without Representation

Folks what this amounts to, in the end, is the old concept of taxation without representation.  Plain and simple.  Sure they’ll call it fines, levies, whatever, but how is this not a tax on Americans?  It’s money taken from citizens without laws in place to allow for such thievery as well as a complete lack of elected oversight.

The Liberal Leanings of Regulatory Agencies

This is purely theft from the people by unconstitutional and often-times liberal-leaning organizations.  Liberals LOVE taxes. Love being taxed, love playing Robin Hood, and believe you’re never paying your “fair share”.  These agencies are highly supported and highly motivated by the liberal agenda to further these taxes.  Let’s look at the IRS for example.  Targets conservative groups for possible prosecution, denying applications, and auditing ceaselessly in the name of “regulation”.  Let’s look at the previous Senate Majority Leader, “his-holiness” Harry Reid.  Did you know that jerk actually said Americans WANT to pay more taxes?  Don’t worry Americans… Even if they don’t pass new laws, they’ll be certain to regulate more taxes out of you.  It’s a sickness that liberals have. Just keep taking because it will never, ever, be enough.

What Can We Do About It?

Assuming that you’d like to see the United States federal government adhere to the Constitution, here are some things you can do.

  • Read the Constitution and become familiar with it and the limited powers it conveys to the federal government.
  • Challenge politicians, friends, family, and your representatives when they overstep the Constitution’s bounds: “Congressman/Friend/Family/Random Stranger, where in the Constitution is congress empowered to legislate in this area?”.
  • If you know of a particularly arrogant or flagrant example of the federal government ignoring and pissing on the rights of your particular state, contact this site’s author with the details.
  • Publicize The Dirty Conservative.
    • Alert and educate your state’s legislators and other state government officials. It is ultimately state governments which must act to wrest the usurped and unfounded powers from the federal government.
    • If you have a web site of your own, please link to from it.
    • Include a link to in your email signature.
    • Talk about the issue with your friends. Chances are, they mistakenly believe that the Constitution gives to the Supreme Court the power to judge the constitutionality of federal laws and regulations.

Quite simply, my conservative friends, it is up to us, the people, to ensure and impart our wisdom in our respective states to direct representatives and those who govern where the power to determine constitutionality truly and rightfully belongs.

Hello! I am the Dirty Conservative. I’m here share my thoughts, discuss with others, report on recent happenings, and really promote Conservative ideas. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing what you have to say!

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