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The War On Everything

Bringing a Stop to the Nonsense

I see so many headlines these days of declared war on, well, everything.  It’s so dramatic it kills me every time I read the phrase or hear someone utter that nonsense.  Let’s start with a nice list here.  We’ve got….

  1. The War on Drugs
  2. The War on Poverty
  3. The War on Women
  4. The War on Minorities
  5. The War on…. You name it.

The use of “war” as a metaphor has gone entirely too far says this Dirty Conservative.  This word, in my opinion, implies some kind of epic insurmountable problem that gives whomever the license to throw unlimited funds, resources, and our tax dollars to whatever cause.  The problem with this is the further implication that if you so much as utter a word in non-support of these ideas: You’re un-American and shame unto you for thinking we should be responsible with funds.

So far we’ve spent roughly $22 trillion dollars (that’s a metric f**kton in layman’s terms) on the War on Poverty and what do we have to show for this? We’ve got a third of American’s on welfare.  This is a failed “war” my friends.  We’ve got another trillion dollar enterprise also known as the failed “War on Drugs”.  The sheer amount of dollars spent for no real return is mind-boggling!  I see a lot of this as liberal confusion on the concept of “investment”.  We need an investment to produce a return, otherwise, it’s a bad investment.  These “wars” have produced losses, and thus, would be considered a bad investment.  We simply cannot continue to fund these “wars” with no return. We simply can’t keep taxing the people to further poorly managed and misdirected causes.

We’ve got the imagined and rhetoric-full “War on Women” movement.  This one really irks me because it’s entirely fiction promulgated as lies about conservatives hating women and “keeping them down”.  This is so far off base that it’s practically hate-speech shouted by liberals in the disguise of fairness (see my thoughts on the Top 5 Liberal Lies) . This follows the line of the War on Minorities, but yeah, we know about that.  Doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re a conservative, you’re probably a racist and the liberals must wage war against the tyrannies of truth, logic, and reason. This leads to divisiveness, hatred, anger, and irrational argument, logic, and rhetoric.  This MUST stop.  We cannot afford to be a house divided any longer.

I think it’s far past due that people stopped declaring war on everything and bring the discussion back to reality. Out of the fog of war and into the light where we can examine facts, solutions, reason, and truth.  We need to be able to have a civilized, rational, and intelligent conversation.  We can not abide these endless “wars”. So, with this I’ll take the hippie route and say: No more “war”.  It’s inane, childish, and completely useless in bringing the conversation to a level of civility and productivity.

So, my conservative friends, let’s help bring the conversation back to reality and skip these “wars” in favor of real, measurable, and financially responsible change!

Hello! I am the Dirty Conservative. I’m here share my thoughts, discuss with others, report on recent happenings, and really promote Conservative ideas. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing what you have to say!

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