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Two Middle Eastern Refugees Arrested In U.S. On Terror Charges — One from Syria

Reuters is reporting that two Middle Eastern men who came to America as refugees were arrested in California and Texas on federal terrorism charges. One of the refugees is charged with aiding ISIS. Most importantly, although time again we have been assured and reassured by the White House and DC Media that the refugee screening process is near-perfect, both refugees are charged with providing false information about their ties to terror groups. Here’s the kicker: one of the men, 23 year-old Aws Mohammed Younis, is a refugee from Syria who came to America in 2012. If you recall, after the bloody and brutal terror attack in Paris late last year, Republicans demanded a pause in the Syrian refugee program. At least one the Paris terrorists used the refugee program to get into Europe. Next year alone, President Obama is eager to re-settle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees here in America, on top of the hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees he plans to bring in from all over. ISIS has vowed to seed Syrian refugees with terrorists, and the country itself has no database infrastructure to screen anyone and is awash in forged documents. Nevertheless, for demanding a pause

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