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Watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s debate duet with this ‘Dirty Dancing’ classic

Shortly after the second presidential debate ended on Sunday night, memes showing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump singing to each other started appearing online.

This picture is hilarious if you imagine them singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

— Moochie X (@Moochie_BMN) October 10, 2016

“Islands in the stream…”
“…that is what we are.”

— Brandon Stosuy (@brandonstosuy) October 10, 2016

Three Trump//Clinton duet tweets in a row??
Now That’s What I Call a Meme!

— maria maria (@mdavydovz) October 10, 2016

There were many clever combinations of the two candidates and famous romantic duets. However, it is a short video featuring, “I Had The Time of My Life,” the iconic duet from the 1987 classic film “Dirty Dancing” that is burning up the web.

Watch. Enjoy. Share. And remember, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

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