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Watch How Anti-Israel Protest Leader Responds When We Ask Her if Hamas Is a Terrorist Organization

The leader of an anti-Israel protest in New York City Wednesday contended that the United States government is “much worse” than Hamas when asked if she would characterize the group as a terrorist organization.

“Do you think of Hamas as a terrorist organization?” a reporter for TheBlaze asked protest leader Lana Povitz, who represents Jewish Voices for Peace.

“I think of the United States government as a terrorist organization,” she responded.

Image source: TheBlazeImage source: TheBlaze

“What’s worse: Hamas or the United States government?” our reporter pressed.

“The United States government is much worse,” Povitz said.

The anti-Israel activist said that Hamas is “not my favorite,” adding that her “first fight isn’t with them.” When asked who her first fight is with, Povitz answered, “The U.S. government because they are funding Israel.”

The comments were made as dozens of activists marched down Central Park calling for a boycott of Israel.

Another protester, who identified as Chris, told TheBlaze talking about Hamas was a “difficult situation to speak on.”

“I understand what happened years ago but it seems they are turning a little more political,” he said.

“Do you condemn them as a terrorist organization?” our reporter asked.

“I’m not really educated enough to say,” he answered.

Hamas has been characterized as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government since 1997. The group has often been condemned for using human shields during armed conflicts and targeting Israeli civilians with rockets.

Editor’s note: Video by Josiah Ryan.

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