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When Asked Whether It’s ‘Too Late’ for Joe Biden to Run for President, Obama Replied With This Comment

CBS reporter Major Garrett asked President Barack Obama Friday “if it’s too late for Joe Biden to run for president” in 2016, amid continuing speculation about whether Biden will be a late entrant into the race for the Democratic nomination.

Obama, not surprisingly, had a less than decisive answer.

“I love Joe Biden, and he’s got his own decisions to make,” Obama replied. “I’ll leave it at that, and in the meantime is doing a great job as vice president and has been really helpful on a whole bunch of issues.”

Biden has repeatedly said he doesn’t know whether he will make another bid for the White House, still grieving from the death of his son. Still, an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll released Monday put him at 17 percent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 42 percent and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 35 percent.

Speculation about Biden getting into the race has grown as Clinton has faced continuing questions and scrutiny about her private email server.

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