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Woman’s Alarming Facebook Post About Her Dog Lands Her in the Dog House With the Cops

A woman who threatened on Facebook to kill her dog with Tasers and BB guns is now facing charges after another user alerted police to her alarming post.

Cherica Winston, 31, of Aurora, Colorado, is facing charges of animal cruelty after something she posted on the social network started raising a lot of eyebrows and was eventually reported to police, KDVR-TV reported.

“$50 bucks and you can have this damn pitt. imma keep shooting her with this taser and b-b gun ’til she’s gone… F*** this dog,” a post on Winston’s Facebook page said.

Image source: KDVR-TVImage source: KDVR-TV

Travis Smith, one of Winston’s friends, said he messaged her about the post, but she responded negatively.

That’s when got police involved.

Officers didn’t find any evidence that Winston had used or planned to use Tasers or BB guns on the dog, but they discovered the animal had been living in less than favorable conditions.

Sgt. Chris Amsler of the Aurora Police Department said that the small dog was inside a small crate, without food or water, and was drenched in its own urine.

“There was an awful smell,” Amsler said.

Winston’s post indicated that the dog is a pit bull, but the Aurora Animal Shelter wasn’t confirming the breed. Pit bulls, as KDVR-TV reported, are a banned breed in Aurora.

The animal shelter said that it wasn’t releasing photos of the dog and it wasn’t immediately clear how long the animal might stay there.

Winston is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 27.


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