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Xbox Live and PlayStation Networks Knocked Offline

Looks Like Coal for Microsoft and Sony This Year!

So I’ll start with this: If you don’t already know this Dirty Conservative, I’m a huge tech nerd.  Loved it ever since I was a kid, so these technology-related stories are always of interest to me, and thus, ye shall be receiving a heavy dose from time to time as I just can’t help myself.

With that out of the way, yesterday, Xbox and PlayStation got a little coal in their stocking in the form of, what appears to be, a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. This left many children and adult children, like myself, unable to connect to their networks and enjoy their devices.

The somewhat-notorious “Lizard Squad” had threatened to take down these two networks last week, and has since claimed responsibility on Twitter.  Their role has not been confirmed; however, Slashdot notes that “Lizard Squad has already proven it can successfully pull off such attacks, not to mention other malicious pranks.”

Here’s where it get’s real interesting, and where I would bet most news outlets are not reporting: KimDotCom (the guy that ran apparently negotiated a cease-fire (at least on the Xbox network) with the clowns from Lizard Squad for 300 free MegaPrivacy accounts.  The twitter feed around this timeframe tells the story of this negotiation and is completely crazy.  But it worked and from what I can tell, the Xbox Live status page indicates the service is up.  Unfortunately for Sony, these guys just can’t catch a break as the PSN network remains down as of this post.

I’m fairly undecided on where I stand (It’s OK to not have an instant opinion! Rational thought requires time…) on this topic.  It’s fascinating, yet criminal. There’s drama, there’s goodwill gestures, and there’s negotiation.  It’s super strange, yet somehow exciting.  I do love the stories of these kinds of things.  It will be interesting to see how the rest unfolds for certain.

In any case, I highly suspect these stories will continue to crop up more and more as we see larger and more brazen attacks on networks, infrastructure, and even the Internet of Things (IoT) in the coming years.  Watch closely (because I certainly will), and I’ll keep the site up to date with interesting happenings like these from time to time.


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